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If I take care of my press, it'll take care of me. I take pride in what I do as a pressman. Sam Owens, Press Operator

Who is Sam Owens?

Sam operates a Ryobi 3302 press for Document Solutions’ Printing Services, printing primarily stationery items like business cards or invitations.

How long has he been with the university?

Since 1995.

What makes him a pro?

Sam has 41 years of printing experience altogether, including five years with the Los Angeles Times.

What is his printing philosophy?

“If I take care of my press, it’ll take care of me. I take pride in what I do as a pressman.” Sam takes pride in his customers’ finished product, too, citing their satisfaction as his favorite part of a work day. And when he’s not at his press (only during breaks and lunches) he can’t get away from the domino table!

Now let’s get personal…

photo of sam owens
You travel each winter with your wife; where did you go this year?
For the last four years we’ve gone to Jamaica during Christmas week. Gloria starts planning our return trip as soon as we get back to town.
Tell us a bit more about your family. Where do they live? What do they do?
I have five children, including four girls, as well as six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. My youngest daughter and her daughter live here in town with us (the older four kids all live in Las Vegas). My youngest studies at Austin Community College, and would like to become a sign language interpreter. Employed also at ACC, my lovely wife, Gloria, has worked as an Administrative Assistant for thirteen years. The four of us live in Manor, TX, thirty miles east of Austin. We like it there; it’s quiet. Although, it was quieter before Highway 130 was built — but then, that’s progress and growth.
You must have seen many other changes around Austin over the years. You spent thirty-five years in L.A. before returning to Austin, where you were born.
Oh, yes! Between the development downtown and the growth in all directions outward, Austin has really grown.