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copier machine

Document Solutions is pleased to announce the creation of our new
Copier Management Program.

How does this program benefit me and my department?

We’re glad you asked! We offer customers under this program these great benefits:

    close-up of copier machine
  • Assistance with assessing departmental needs
  • Equipment recommendations tailored to your specifications
  • A wide selection of solutions from a variety of vendors
  • Coordinated delivery and installation
  • Preparation of your existing machine for removal (including wiping of hard drives at the end of the lease)
  • Management and escalation of service issues on your behalf
  • Receipt and verification of all vendor invoicing
  • Quick monthly payment processing via IDT billing
  • Staff training

We will contact you each month to receive your feedback about the performance of your machine. With your feedback, Document Solutions staff will meet quarterly with the participating vendors to ensure greater up time for all our customers.

If you're interested in joining this exciting new program or would like more information, please contact Nancy Krail at (512) 471-5136 or Richard Beto, (512) 232-2437.