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New Mail Delivery and Pick-up Schedule Effective October 8, 2012

United States Post Office (USPS) has notified Mail Services that they will no longer sort the university’s in-coming US mail.

As a result, the UT Mail Services Department will be sorting the University’s mail beginning October 8, 2012. In order to accommodate this new responsibility, we will be transitioning from the current structure of making a morning delivery and an afternoon pick-up to a new structure where we will make one pick-up and delivery in the afternoon. This new schedule will allow us to sort the University’s mail without adding any new personnel or equipment. Your new mail pick-up and delivery time will be the same as your current afternoon pick-up.

Departments will receive express, priority, and first class mail the same day it is received by UT Mail Services from the USPS.

Departments that have P.O. Boxes will not see any change in their mail delivery schedule. Departments off main campus, such as the Pickle Research Center, and those departments with courier contracts will not see a change in their delivery schedule.

If you have any questions please notify the Mail Services Manager Jim Guza at

Jim Guza
Mail Services Manager
Office 512-471-3670 Direct 512-475-7823