Operations Update
Document Solutions is operating normally.
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Operations Update (Coronavirus)

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Operational Status - June, 2021

Document Solutions will continue to provide essential services to the university.

Mail Services

512-471-3670 | mailservices@austin.utexas.edu
In our attempt to reduce the number of person-to-person interactions, thus reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we are limiting some of our mail services.

  • We will continue to provide service for incoming and outgoing USPS mail from our central office at School of Social Work, SSW G-14, 1925 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, Texas 78712.
  • Some campus buildings require UT ID access to enter. If your department has requested mail to be delivered to your building or office, please verify that you have given mail staff: (1) access to your building, (2) instructions where the delivery should be made. Please make sure to coordinate delivery information with other departmental staff as well.

Limited Delivery

  • We will no longer deliver mail directly to individuals.
  • We will deliver mail and USPS packages directly to those departments who have requested service. (To coordinate a request, please contact us.)

Limited Mail Pickup

Departmental mail pickup from SSW is limited only to those departments that: don’t have a mail cluster box, a mailroom, or access to a secure location within the building to pick up their mail. Only these departments are allowed to pick up mail from SSW (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.).

Outgoing Mail

  • We will continue to collect outgoing mail from departments that have requested service.
  • Departments are allowed to drop off outgoing mail at the SSW location, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • We will meter outgoing mail and USPS packages every day.

Course Packets for Fall Semester

Campus Distribution Services

Phone: 512-232-3915 | Email: DScds@austin.utexas.edu
We will continue to provide service for incoming package deliveries from our central office and delivery dock at Montopolis Research Center (MRC/MR1), 2706 Montopolis Dr., Austin, Texas 78741.

  • Most packages are being redirected to be delivered to CDS at our Montopolis delivery dock.
  • We do not provide pickup service for outbound packages.
  • Students: If your campus-bound package has been rerouted, do not rely solely on the tracking information. Most rerouted packages for students will likely be on campus at the Jester mail room.
  • Campus mail codes are helping CDS reroute your packages. Those packages that arrive at MRC with mail codes on the labels are sent to Mail Services to either hold, deliver, or make arrangements for pickup.
  • We will hold your incoming packages until you contact us to coordinate either (1) to pick up your package from our office at MRC or (2) to request delivery to your office.
  • Customers who have not made arrangements for departmental delivery may contact us to coordinate pick up of packages at MRC, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Some campus buildings require UT ID access to enter. If your department has requested packages to be delivered to your building or office, please verify that you have given delivery staff: (1) access to your building, (2) instructions where and with whom the delivery should be made. Please make sure to coordinate delivery information with other departmental staff as well.
  • Departmental deliveries may be received by any person who is onsite in that department. Because of this, we are not able to deliver packages directly to any individual addressee. If your package needs to reach you directly or you do not want your package delivered to a department, you must contact us to make arrangements to pick up your package at MRC or contact your shipping vendors to change your shipping address.

Courier Services

  • Courier services for bank bags has returned to the pre-Covid service level.

Mainframe Printing

Phone: 512-471-3670

  • Mainframe printing will continue, as usual: however, delivery of the printouts to campus locations is the preferred methoos to receive your reports.
  • Offices that use Document Solutions to deliver should contact Mail Services for delivery instructions.
  • Offices that use their own courier to pick up printed reports from the School of Social Work building (SSW) may continue to do so Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Please consider using this as an opportunity to change from hard copy print outs to Green Output. Not only does it save printing costs and paper as part of the university’s sustainability goals, but it also eliminates the need for employees to travel to SSW to pick up pinned reports. This is especially convenient for employees who are working remotely as part of UT’s social distancing objectives. If you would like assistance with switching to Green Output, please contact askus@austin.utexas.edu or call 512-471-8802.

Printing Services and Copy Services

  • Printing and copy services are in operation in our two primary production offices at Montopolis Research Center and School of Social Work, SSW G-14.
  • Campus copy centers are closed at Texas Union (USB) and Rowling Hall (RRH)
  • Course packets will be available for purchase at Graduate School of Business (GSB) and the Law School (THM) for three weeks starting Monday, August 17th.
  • Contact your customer service representative who can help answer questions and coordinate projects.

Health and Safety Measures

To further reduce the public spread of COVID-19, we have taken the precautions below:

  • No employee working on the dock at MRC should be signing commercial handheld devices.
  • Areas of common contact are being sanitized with a bleach/water combination at least daily.
  • Masks are mandatory for all University employees.
  • Each Mail Services driver is assigned their own van and hand truck/dolly and has been instructed that if anyone uses their equipment, the equipment must be wiped down.
  • SSW staff will wear gloves to give mail and packages to those picking up such items.
  • Sanitizer is available to all staff.
  • Staff are encouraged to maintain social distancing.
  • Entrances at MRC are locked. Customers must call the number posted on the door to gain access.
  • Restroom, breakroom and conference room capacity has been reduced.
  • No temporary employee working in MRC or SSW may work without their temperature being taken.

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