Shred Old, Confidential Documents and Free Up Space

Shredded documents

We want to help you free up some storage space (and prevent identify theft at the same time) by shredding those old, confidential papers. Use our online order form to have a 65-gallon, locked container delivered to you. Once you fill the container, we will pick it up and shred the contents to securely dispose of outdated documents.

"Why should I use Document Solutions Shredding Services?"

  1. Protection: Protecting your confidential information so that it does not end up in the wrong hands. There are no visible letters or numbers left after the document has been through our shredder.
  2. Compliance: In coordination with Records Management, we make sure all of the state, federal, and university guidelines concerning document destruction are met.
  3. Ease of service: Complete the online shredding authorization form and both Records Management and Document Solutions are notified to coordinate and complete the service.
  4. Billing: IDT is used so there are no invoices

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Jan. 8, 2020