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Green Services

We offer the following services to help make the world a little greener:

Consulting services

Our customer service representatives can help you select the greenest materials for your documents.

Toner cartridge recycling

a toner cartridge and labeled boxJust place your used toner cartridges in a box, label the box in big lettering with the word “RECYCLE” and place it at any Campus Mail pickup location. You can also drop cartridges off at the Mail Services Building, or call 512-471-3670 to arrange a pickup.

Paper donations to the Child Development Center

children using donated paper Paper that is printed on one side is a great resource for children’s craft projects. Just remove all staples and paper clips, label the paper as a donation, and mail it to UT Printing (mail code: E3500) or call 512-471-5464 to arrange for us to pick up your paper.

Recycling paper into notepads

letterhead repurposed as note pads We can recycle your unused letterhead or scrap paper into notepads. Simply remove all staples and paper clips, include a request for us to send notepads to your office, and mail the paper to UT Printing (mail code: E3500) or call 512-471-5464 to arrange for us to pick up your paper. To make this process as efficient as possible, we recycle multiple departments’ paper into notepads at the same time, so you probably won’t receive a pad of the exact same paper you send us; however, if you want, we can make notepads out of a particular paper for a small binding fee.

Delivery box recycling

We reuse shipping boxes whenever possible. You can drop off boxes at our Copy Center locations or, better yet, send a box back to us with your empty toner cartridges in it for recycling.