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Green Tips

Do you want to create greener documents but feel as though you don’t know where to start? Follow the below tips to make your documents as green as possible.

Take advantage of our green services

Ask for recycled paper and veggie/soy-based ink whenever you can on print orders.

Learn how to address for success

Did you know you can reduce the paper, labor, and fuel associated with mail delivery by simply addressing items properly? Well, you can! Use Mail Services’ addressing guide to make your mail as green as possible.

Maximize layout and minimize waste

When designing a document with Printing Services or the Copy Services, ask your customer service representative if there is a way to maximize the amount of space that is actually used for printing on each sheet of paper… By making the layout as efficient as possible, you will reduce waste and save money.

Eliminate unwanted mailings

You can reduce paper waste by stopping unwanted mail from being delivered to your office and home. Use Mail Services’ guide to learn how to stop unwanted mail.

Set your printer default to print double-sided pages

If you use a PC, click “Start”

Mac users should click “System Preferences”

Learn how to make everything in your life greener

Along with finding greener document solutions, there are countless things we can do each day to help the environment. You can find useful tips online from the UT Austin Sustainability Portal, Facilities Services, Environmental Health and Safety, the Campus Environmental Center, the Office of Sustainability, , and the McCombs School of Business Green Team.

The Facilities Services and Project Management and Construction Services departments are serious about reducing energy and water consumption on The University of Texas at Austin campus! Learn more and get involved, by visiting the UTakeCharge program Web site.