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Campus Addresses

Our addressing project on the UT campus is in full swing. The main UT campus is converting from using ‘1 University Station’ to using the physical street address of each and every building. The Post Office is handing over delivery of all UT mail to the Mail Services team and this conversion will allow the USPS to use automation equipment to sort the UT mail instead of the current hand-sort method that delays all deliveries.

These changes will in turn make the process of delivering all of UT mail a more efficient operation for the Mail Services Team. In addition, using the physical street address will allow departments on campus to have one address to use for both United States Postal Service mail, UPS, and FedEx package shipments — which they cannot do when using the virtual address of ‘1 University Station.’ The new address will also work in GPS systems so customers and visitors will be able to get directions to locations on campus easier. And the UT Police Department will also benefit as they will be able to use official street addresses when routing officers to buildings on campus, ultimately saving time.

Other noteworthy details:

Use our “Campus Mail Code to Address Lookup” tool to find your building/department address, or contact us for more information.