Campus Distribution Services

Campus Distribution Services (CDS) – formerly Central Receiving –  is the primary location for deliveries to the campus. Upon receipt of shipments, Campus Distribution Services will check for visible damage, scan, tag, and deliver items to the requesting department or individual on campus. CDS is managed by Document Solutions.

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In addition, the department helps streamline efficiencies and with no disruptions in service maintains its commitment to:

  • Provide greater transparency with access to the university’s Campus Tracking System (CTS)
  • Offer a “one-stop shop”
  • Deliver superior customer service
  • Reduce delivery vehicle traffic on campus

Orders Accepted at CDS - Depending on the purchase, items ordered on purchase orders or through UT Market may be received at the Campus Distribution Services dock (located at 2706 Montopolis Drive, Austin, Texas, 78741) or directly at the colleges, schools, or units (CSUs). 

What’s my tracking code?

  • P.O. Number – Use your UT P.O. number to track items purchased through UT Market: Office Depot • Freight deliveries
  • Shipping Company Tracking – Use the tracking number provided by the shipping company: FedEx • UPS • DHL • USPS

Orders to Ship Direct to Your Location - It is recommended that CSUs ordering the following items should request shipping directly to their locations to expedite receipt, such as:

  • Parts required for an urgent repair
  • Any type of publication
  • Items required to address an emergency
  • See the FAQ list below for items not accepted at CDS.

Inspect Upon Receipt - Upon receipt of purchases and materials, Campus Distribution Services will inspect, scan, tag, and deliver items to the requesting department or individual. Only the exterior packaging will be inspected for possible freight or shipping damage. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to inspect the contents, verify merchandise ordered and received, and ultimately contact the vendor with any discrepancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Document Solutions be utilizing its Campus Tracking System (CTS) in its package delivery services?

Yes, Document Solutions’ Campus Tracking System is an efficient tool that helps provide transparency and the ability to track all packages received at its Campus Distribution Services location. Document Solutions will also utilize electronic signatures when deliveries are complete.

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What are the anticipated benefits of utilizing electronic signatures?

Customers will have greater access to delivery information and can see who has accepted an item(s) delivery.

Will Document Solutions’ Campus Distribution Services team also include the delivery of chemicals, such as those used for university research purposes?

While Campus Distribution Services will continue to operate in the same manner as it did when it was Central Receiving and before being managed by Document Solutions, our team anticipates that chemical deliveries to campus will be implemented during a later phase. In the meantime, Document Solutions will oversee the delivery of items as before and anticipates no interruption in service to the overall campus community, including the delivery of office supplies.

What items may NOT be shipped to the Campus Distribution Services dock (2706 Montopolis Drive) and should be shipped directly to departments?

The following items may not be shipped to the CDS dock as they do not have the equipment to store and/or deliver the items to the departments or services that are being procured:

  • Repair services or maintenance
  • Any equipment that requires installation and/or set up by the vendor
  • Live plants or animals
  • Bottled gases
  • Items that are very fragile and should be handled as little as possible, such as plate glass, sheetrock, or very delicate scientific equipment
  • Unusually large or heavy items such as steel beams or large concrete samples
  • Bulk petroleum products delivered in 55-gallon drums

Learn more about receiving. Verify your correct department address with our campus mail code to address lookup tool.

What are the definitions for each of the CDS status updates?

Received: CDS has received the package. The package still needs to be sorted, loaded, before it is transported for delivery.

In Transit: Your package has been loaded onto a CDS van for delivery. Each business day, CDS delivers packages to campus buildings 8 a.m. – noon and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Delivered: Your package has been signed for and delivered to your designated delivery point.

Hold: We have received the package, but do not have enough delivery information to make a delivery attempt. Each package should have recipient’s name, department name, Campus Mail Code and building address. Please call CDS at 512-232-3915 – with any additional information for package deliveries.

Attempted Delivery: We arrived at your location to deliver a package, but no one was available to accept and sign for it. We will return the next business day to deliver.

See more information about UT Market Receipt Status.

Will I have to sign to receive my packages from CDS?

Yes, you will be asked to sign for packages sent via CDS.

How do I report a package that is damaged or inaccurate?

Upon receipt, your department has three days to inspect the package for accuracy, damage, and function, and report any issues to to make changes to the receipt. Receipts are finalized and approved for payment in three business days; this action cannot be undone. (Most vendors have a 30-day return policy. Check with your vendor for details. You may have a short time to return the item for a full refund.)

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Hours: 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. M - F

Montopolis Research Center (MR1)
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Mail Code: E3500

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