Variable Data / Personalized Printing

Variable data printing is technology for printing documents so that each piece is personalized to the specific recipient (think merge fields and spreadsheets of data). At the most basic level, this means personalizing a name and address, but for real impact, many projects include unique graphics and content that speaks directly to the recipient.

Create individualized messages through variable data printing to print personal information for each recipient. By tailoring the information, you can be sure to attract the target audience or well-focused niche you’re after while communicating a personalized tone.

Personalized printing can help you:

  • Increase your return rates
  • Reduce your printing costs by target marketing
  • Create unique messages for recruiting prospective students, preferred athletes, or conference attendees
  • Send seasonal greeting cards to friends and business associates
  • Notify students who live on campus with special mailers about their specific dormitories
  • Update employees in different departments with news and policy changes
  • Send letters of acceptance/rejection, or appreciation

For more information about variable printing, please call 512-471-1615.