Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do you deliver mail?

 We deliver mail to the entire "40 Acres" main campus as well as Pickle Research Campus and several other off-campus locations. Each building has a central drop off location for departments to retrieve their mail. We do not deliver to each desktop or office. Mail is delivered on campus between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. each day.

How do I obtain a mailcode?

Mailcodes are assigned to departments by UT Mail Services and made official by the Payroll department. If you think your department needs a mailcode please contact Mail Services at 512-471-3670 and ask for the Mail Manager.

Do you provide Interoffice Envelopes? 

We do recycle interoffice envelopes for departments to re-use. Please call 512-471-3670 and be ready to give your mailcode. We do this as long as supplies last. If you would like to purchase new interoffice envelopes please contact Copy Services at 512-471-1615

I can’t find my package? 

UT Mail Services receives packages from the USPS that say "DELIVERED" on the USPS webpage a day or two after that date. If it has been three days or more after the "delivered" date you can contact Mail Services at 512-471-3670. We do not deliver packages to desktops. We deliver them to a central location in each building and each department distributes mail and packages from there. In addition we do not keep packages in a "lost and found" area. If after several attempts to find the right department fails we return the package to the sender. We have found that the vast majority of time packages have been delivered to the department but have not been distributed to the individual.

What is my department's official mailing address? 

You can look-up departments addresses online. Put in your mailcode or building abbreviation and hit the button to view your official address. If you are unsure or if you believe there is an error please contact Mail Services at 512-471-3670 and ask for the Mail Manager.

I have questions about Mail Services and I want to speak to a manager what do I do? 

You can contact Mail Services at 512-471-3670 or email You can ask for the Mail Manager or the Assistant Manager.

Where are you located? 

UT Mail Services is located in the SSW Building. The address is:
The University of Texas at Austin
Mail Services
1925 San Jacinto, F4700
Austin, TX 78712