Campus Addresses

Use our Campus Mail Code to Address Lookup tool to find your building / department address, or contact us for more information.

Shipping Note: It is recommended that CSUs ordering certain items should request shipping directly to their physical addresses to expedite receipt (rather than sending through Campus Distribution Services).

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USPS Confirmed and 9-1-1 Compliant

The main UT campus has converted from using ‘1 University Station’ to using the physical street address of each and every building.

This change made the process of delivering all of UT mail a more efficient operation for the Mail Services team. In addition, using the physical street address allows departments on campus to have one address to use for both United States Postal Service mail, UPS, and FedEx package shipments. The conversion in addressing also allowed for the implementation of the 9-1-1 emergency management system on campus — which they could not do when using the virtual address of ‘1 University Station.’

Other noteworthy details:

  • Each building on 78712 (zip-code) campus has an official USPS address that matches the City of Austin approved address.
  • Each department has a unique +4 in addition to the 78712 zip-code that allows for more accurate deliveries.
  • Include your room / suite / floor number for UPS/FedEx to deliver packages directly to your desktop.
  • More information about obtaining new mailcodes is available on this website