Outgoing Mail / Metering Mail

Outgoing mail is collected from the campus between 1pm and 3pm from Dropboxes located in each building. It is then metered and sent to the USPS at 4pm. In order to process your mail to be metered please fill out a Mail Acceptance Form. Please send this in with your mail pieces. If you have a large mailing than cannot fit into the outgoing mail dropbox in your building and you do not want to leave it on top of the dropbox please call UT Mail Services at 471-3670 to arrange for a pick-up. Please be ready to provide your name, building name, mailcode and room number from which we can pick-up the outgoing mail.

Meter mail transactions: Meter mail is charged to your department using postage account numbers. Each day's transactions can be viewed here: http://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/campus/mail/

Please allow 24 hours for the transactions to be uploaded into the postage database.