Interoffice and US Mail Delivery

Interoffice mail is picked up in the afternoon between 1pm and 3pm and delivered to the receiver’s department the next day. Please use mailcodes when addressing all interoffice mail.

US Mail is delivered to UT Mail Services around 8 am by the USPS and is sorted by mailcode until 1pm. Then it is delivered to campus along with the interoffice mail between 1-3pm

US Mail is heaviest on Monday and after a holiday otherwise each days mail is delivered to the campus the day we receive it here at UT Mail Services. Mail pieces and packages that are missing a mailcode could be delayed as we look up names or unfamiliar departments

Packages are also delivered along with letter mail and interoffice mail. The USPS last scans packages with tracking barcodes when they receive it from their sorting facility. That is why you will see DELIVERED on the USPS website. UT Mail Services does not receive the package until the next day. Sometimes we receive it two days after the last USPS scan. Please allow for two additional days after the last USPS scan.