Shredding Services

Document Solutions offers secure document, USB drives and DVD destruction services upon request. Our total document destruction service provides a shred level of P-6 that meets the same federal security used by the Pentagon. It reduces your confidential documents to dust instead of merely shreds and pieces. For documents that do not requires a P-6 level we offer a shredding level that will be recycled to support the University’s green initiative and all USB and DVD’s are shredded and properly disposed.

If you have confidential, research documents or paperwork with account numbers or student information, USB drives or DVD’s that needs to be destroyed, please submit a shredding authorization form. Your request will be directed to both Records and Information Management Services and Document Solutions. We will then contact you to arrange delivery of a 65-gallon container for you to fill with your documents. You have the option to purchase and keep a shredding container or lease one as needed (see pricing below). USB drives and DVD’s can be dropped off at any of our Document Solutions locations or we can arrange for pick up.

Submit a shredding authorization form

Why should I use Document Solutions Document Destruction Services?

  1. Protection: Protecting your confidential information so that it does not end up in the wrong hands. There are no visible letters or numbers left after the document has been through our shredder. USB drives and DVD’s are completely destroyed. All material is handled by staffed trained by Records Management and transported in a secure vehicle, nothing leaves campus until it is completely destroyed.
  2. Compliance: In coordination with Records Management, we make sure all of the state, federal, and university guidelines concerning document destruction are met.
  3. Ease of service: Complete the online shredding authorization form and both Records Management and Document Solutions are notified to coordinate and complete the service.
  4. Billing: IDT is used so there are no invoices

Details About Shredding Services


  1. All employees that handle documents are full-time UT employees.
  2. All employees handling documents have completed confidentiality classes as well as record management classes.
  3. All policies and procedures have been written in conjunction with the UT Records Management team.
  4. Shred quality of confidential records is unmatched in Austin. The paper is not shredded, it is destroyed. Only fibers are left after going through the shredder.
  5. Destruction is complete within 72 hours of receiving the container.
  6. Billing is handled via IDT.
  7. Certificate of Destruction is provided to each customer to validate the document shredding process for compliance records.


  1. The shredding services are conducted in a separate stand-alone building.
  2. Customers are provided with 65-gallon locked containers.
  3. No other services are conducted in the building other than shredding.
  4. Only Document Solutions employees that are certified to shred are allowed in the building.

Shredding Services FAQs

What documents should I shred?

  • The service is for shredding confidential and classified documents.
  • You should continue to use your recycling vendor for daily paper recycling.
  • Records Management can provide guidance on your records destruction policies.

How long do I get to keep the leased container?

We offer a shredding program to fit your needs!

  • Programs are available for weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly.
  • Volume discount programs are available.
  • We provide the bins and pick up the bins on your scheduled dates.

What is the price?

Pricing is based on the total number of bins and the number of pickups you require.

Contact us to get an estimate for the program that fit your needs.

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