Prepress Services

We use a state-of-the-art Fuji Saber computer-to-plate device with a Rampage front end to meet our goal of producing your work in the highest quality, while staying on time and under budget. This CTP device improves the quality of our products and reduces the time it takes to deliver the best possible services to you.

For your convenience, our staff can work with your Mac or PC files using the software of our digitally based prepress environment. We can scan your color or black and white photos, place them on your jobs or give them to you for placement, and provide you duotones or tritones.

We offer the following other prepress services:

  • Prepress document preparation
  • Prepress proofs
  • Negatives and positives
  • Photo, slide and transparency scanning
  • Digital image correction

To ensure your jobs are processed smoothly, please view our artwork specifications and print job submission guide.