UT Line or Promo: A Quick Guide

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Promotional Products or UT Line Intro

We've got you covered with Promotional Products and UT Line.

When you're looking for branded handouts or promotional products, you have many choices. Document Solutions helps you save time and money to order custom-printed promotional products or University branded gifts and supplies. 

CustomizationYour logo, color choice and options on a wide variety of productsUniversity branded stock items
QuantityMany: 10s – 1000s
(But sometimes, 1 or 2)
A Few: 1 to 100
AvailabilityCustom order
Most must be approved by Trademark
Many items in stock
TimingTypically 2 to 6 weeksFrom same day to 10 days

Almost anything you can print on!

Apparel, Shirts, Caps & Hats

Drinkware, Bags & Backpacks, Tech Accessories, Pens & Pencils

Padfolios & Journals

Table Throws & Runners
Magnets & Decals 

Apparel, Shirts, Caps & Hats



Folders, Padfolios & Notepads

Pens & Lanyards

Plush Bevo & Longhorn Pins

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Learn more about UT Line. Buy online or in stores on campus.

Learn more about Promotional Products. Work with our friendly staff to create your custom order.

Promotional Products or UT Line Intro