Course Packets

Course Packets are course materials put into one easy-to-access place for students. Faculty use course packets as a supplement to or a replacement of a textbook. Course materials follow the curriculum that the instructor has personally designed. Faculty will provide information at the beginning of the semester as to whether a course packet is required for a course.


Packets will be posted for sale as they become available. Some packets may be available in either a downloadable PDF or printed version.

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UT Faculty and TAs

Faculty and teaching assistants can order course packet preparation online (EID required).

We accept packet request at any time and will have it ready by your requested due date.

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Full-service course packet preparation

We offer assistance to our faculty when preparing course packets. We obtain copyright permission, order case originals, we produce either or both digital downloadable and printed packets from your digital files or hard copy originals. 

You may drop off your packet at our campus location on San Jacinto or call our central office to arrange a pickup from your office.

We work directly with the UT System Attorney in the Intellectual Property division to ensure that we are following all of the rules and guidelines for fair use and copyright laws.

Learn more about ordering course packet preparation (PDF, updated Sept 2019)


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