Spotlight - Bekki Torres, Senior Administrative Associate

Where is your hometown?

Born and raised in Austin, Texas — I am a Texas girl.

bekki torres

That does not surprise me to hear, I’m a Texas girl, too. Takes one to know one. Where did you go to high school?

Austin High.

In regards to Austin itself, what do you love most about this beloved city?

The diversity. There are people and cultures of all kinds residing here. And there is a very strong sense of community in Austin, too. Of course, the music scene is wonderful as well. The arts is huge here, as you know, and that’s so great because art comes in so many different shapes and forms… My family and I can walk around our neighborhood and find artists everywhere. Plus I enjoy all the festivals, all the great restaurants, and places to frequent — not to mention the beautiful lakes and water that streams through the city. Downtown is also minutes away from where my family and I live… It’s just so easy to find fun things to see and do.

How long have you been employed at UT?

19 years.

Wow! So many of you have been working here for decades… What has kept you here so long?

The ease of the job; meaning, my supervisors and directors have always been understanding whenever a situation arises where I need to tend to my family or make an appointment outside the workplace. Even though work is also a priority of mine, they’ve just been very accommodating to the fact my family comes first. Also, the people who work here have kept me here. I love communicating with others, and in addition to the flexibility of my schedule — all these factors have allowed me to do well in both my professional and personal lives.

What does your job entail?

Well, before I became an Administrative Associate, I worked in the Copy Center for about four to five years. I’ve worked in all four copy centers, actually: SSW, the Union, McCombs, and Welch Hall. But as of now, in my current position, I handle all the income and expense reports for the three departments within Document Solutions: Copy, Mail, and Printing.

Were you employed anywhere else prior to your time at UT?

Yes. Before I was hired within the Copy Centers I worked in fashion retail at a boutique called Lerner’s — which is now a major department store known as New York & Company.

Interesting. I can definitely see you in fashion retail. What are your hobbies outside of the workplace?

I love to read and I love to dance.

What kind of books do you read and what kinds of music do you prefer to dance to?

I really love dancing to Tejano music — and my favorite books are romance novels. At heart I am a romantic. Oh, and I am really passionate about baseball. My children all play baseball. Except my daughter, she doesn’t play softball.

How many children do you have?

I am married with four kids; three boys and one girl. Two are in elementary and two are in high school.

So who is your favorite baseball team?

The New York Yankees.

A Texas girl who likes the Yankees?!… I am just kidding. They are my second favorite time in the league aside from the Rangers as NYC is my second home away from here. I grew up watching both teams, mostly in awe of Nolan Ryan… However, will you be rooting for the Texas Rangers this year as they take on the Cardinals in the World Series?

Yes, of course.

Good… What do you love most about baseball? When do you begin to enjoy the sport?

As my children began to play, I got to watch them go from T-Ball, to coach pits, to kid pits, and ultimately playing for schools and club teams. It’s really special to watch your children go from the first stages, all the way to becoming the pitcher on the mound in high school. I am very proud of my boys. My daughter is a cheerleader and that’s exciting in a totally different way. But I’d have to say my nostalgia associated with baseball is how I fell in love with the game to such a strong degree.

Yeah, I’ll bet that would be special to watch your children grow like that. Did you ever think you’d be a mother?

No, I really didn’t… But to be honest, I cannot imagine my life without my kids. I cannot even envision what life would be like without them. They have fulfilled my life in a way that is hard to describe.

I hear motherhood has that affect on women… O.K., so my last question is this: If there was something you could accomplish in the next few years, what would that be?

Oh, I’d really love to go back to school and get my nursing degree. When I was in high school I got to participate in a medical-related internship. We got to partake in everything from x-rays, to helping in the ER, to assisting in the pharmacy. Even watching surgeries. I enjoy helping others… Basically, I’d love to return to nursing school or even social work. I have a lot of compassion and care for those in need. Nature versus nurture.

That’s very empathetic of you and an admirable quality. Thank you for your time.

Interviewer: Nicolette Mallow